Many clients who have been trying to clean dirty tiles and grout with scrubbing brushes, scouring pads, steam mops, tooth brushes and steam cleaners have been disappointed in the results they have achieved. Those clients who have tried our new revolutionary tile cleaning system have been simply amazed in the result.

Before Tile & Grout Cleaning

After Tile & Grout Cleaning

Did you know that most grout is not sealed during installation? This is why grout absorbs all types of soil and rapidly discolours. Grout is very porous; mopping floors only removes a portion of soil. To compound the situation most of the detergents used to mop floors leave a tacky residue, this attracts the soil causing your tiles and grout to re-soil prematurely.

Our fast and efficient Tile and Grout cleaning will help renew your original colours for your flooring

The method we use to clean your tiles and grout removes embedded soil that mopping simply glides over. The first step is to sweep or vacuum your tiles to remove loose particles of soil, then a specially formulated cleaning solution is applied, which is determined by the type of tile and the type of soiling you have.

The tiles and grout are then either mechanically or manually scrubbed to help the cleaning solution break down deeply imbedded soils.

Finally we use specially designed tile and grout cleaning tools attached to a powerful truck mount cleaning machine, which supplies high pressure extremely hot water and high vacuum to rinse away the dirt and grime along with any detergent residues. Leaving your tiles and grout cleaner, brighter and fresher than you ever thought possible, primed and ready to be sealed.

Sealing the grout and some porous tiles creates an invisible shield which helps to prevent dirt, dust and liquids from lodging on the surface. Giving you more time to clean up and remove spills before they are absorbed into the porous surface of your tiles and grout. Your tiles and grout will stay cleaner, brighter and fresher longer, because you have protected your investment.

As every job has specific needs, to enable us to do the very best job can we for you. Please call Denise or Glen on 9728 5516 for a free, no obligation appraisal and quote for your tile and grout cleaning.