Imagine if you could have magnificent clean carpets all year round. A clean carpet creates a better impression to your clients, will contribute to your employee’s and your client’s health, as well as protect the investment you have made on your carpet.

Most companies will have a general cleaner come in to dust, vacuum and mop on a daily to weekly, and maybe spray buff or polish the hard floors on a regular basis. However the carpeted areas are neglected, they will get a quick vacuum, most probably with a semi efficient backpack vacuum cleaner. The general cleaner may spot stains, quite often using the wrong product and setting the stain. Occasionally a professional carpet cleaner will be called in to try and rescue the carpet, often too late.

Carpet can hide up to 1kg of soil per square metre and still look clean. A dirty looking carpet will hold 2 kg of soil per square metre. Carpet cleaning assumes the carpet is dirty and requires cleaning. Carpet maintenance assumes the carpet is clean with the objective of keeping it clean. It is proactive rather than reactive.

A Carpet Care Maintenance Program will improve the appearance of your premises, remove allergens and spots, and contribute to the health of your employee’s and your clients, as well as protect the investment you have made on your carpet.

How it works. Firstly you need to have your carpet thoroughly cleaned. You will have your own personal technician who comes on a regular basis, normally after hours, to vacuum the carpets with our high powered upright vacuum cleaners and spot or clean any stains as they appear. Then, depending on the job the carpet will be maintenance cleaned on a regular basis, with an occasional steam clean.

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