Just as you put wax on your car to protect its finish from the elements and to keep it looking newer longer, soft furnishings need a protective treatment too. MicroSeal’s protectant creates an invisible shield, which allows you to vacuum soil away more easily.

A once only application of MicroSeal fabric protection provides a lifetime of protection to all fabrics, including silk, wool, leather, suede and synthetic fibres used in carpets, rugs and upholstery. MicroSeal dramatically increase the life of all natural and synthetic fabrics. MicroSeal Permanent Fabric Protection has been used for over 30 years worldwide.

You have invested in Quality it makes sense to protect it. MicroSeal – a non-toxic, non-allergenic fabric protection formula for permanent stain and sun fade protection. A MicroSeal is a penetrator type fabric protector; this is what gives MicroSeal its permanency unlike other protectors which need reapplication after cleaning. The price does depend on the type of chairs; if you have photos we can give an estimate on that.

We treated our handmade oriental rug we have at the office and as an experiment we poured some Fanta on it, check out our YouTube Channel for the result it’s pretty good.

MicroSeal’s website www.microseal.com.au   has a lot of information regarding Fabric Protection. You can also follow this link to their latest brochure.

When considering other quotations please remember MicroSeal is:

  • Permanent – will survive many commercial cleanings
  • Environmentally Safe – no fluorochemical, zero VOC’s & biodegradable
  • Penetrator – not a coater
  • Multi-Dimensional – resists stains, UV Sun Fade, static, flame-smoke spread, adds abrasion strength and wear integrity
  • Tested by independent laboratories – MicroSeal is considered to be the best and most environmentally safe protector in the world
  • Nanotechnology – means no texture, feel or colour change
  • Cost Effective – MicroSeal’s permanent protection will potentially extend the life of an interior for a small percentage of the items cost

The process is safe and there is no need for family or pets to be removed.

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What Is Protector?

In this short video we answer all these questions. What is Fabric and carpet Protector? How Does it Work? When is it useful?