Natural Stone whether it be flagstone, granite, limestone, marble, slate travertine or terrazzo is a wise investment as an interior floor or benchtop surface.

To realize the full enjoyment of your investment, it is important to know the proper procedures for cleaning and caring for your stone.

The Jumbuck Cleaning & Restoration Hard Floor Cleaning System employ a high performance hot water extraction system utilizing high performance cleaning tools in conjunction with specially formulated professional stone cleaning solutions.

This achieves the highest levels of soil, bacteria, allergens, and contamination removal. Utilizing this system produces a controlled yet unlimited amount of rinse water that makes it possible to whisk away maximum amounts of grit and soil and leave the stone surface virtually residue free. Specialised hand detail tools and brushes are utilized for the edges, corners and hard to reach areas.

Sealing & Protecting

Protectors need to be re-applied for a number of reasons. Certain types of spills and soiling can actually damage or remove the protection that the sealer offers. New stone may not have had proper sealing’ protecting when installed by the stone fabricator or installer. This protection level can also be rendered ineffective by using improper cleaning agents, household cleaners, dishwashing liquids, as well as traffic or usage.

The good news is Jumbuck Cleaning & Restoration are equipped with water based and solvent based impregnating sealers that can fully restore your sealed protection to your stone investment.

Stain Treatment and Removal.

Oil based spills and spilled colour beverages and food can penetrate into the pores of absorbent stone that was not adequately sealed and protected. Utilizing specialized stone treatments can eliminate many stains and restore the appearance of your stone investment.

Stone Polishing.

Utilizing diamond impregnated polishing pads.

Limestone, travertine, marble & Terrazzo become worn and abraded by foot traffic and abrasive soils. Spilled liquids that contain acids can lightly etch your fine stone. In the past, messy honing and polishing compounds were the only option to restore the shine appearance of abraded or etched or lightly scratched stone. Jumbuck cleaning & Restoration employ the use of specifically designed diamond impregnated polishing pads in conjunction only with water to safely and effectively restore the surface to the original factory finish. The stone can also be finished to produce the gloss, lustre or matte appearance that you desire…


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