Vinyl and linoleum floors need to be regularly cleaned and maintained. Cleaning of floors on a regular basis can create improvement in the health of your employees in a commercial/industrial installation and your family in a domestic installation, as cleaning will maintain or improve an environmental air quality.

Prolong the life of the floor covering, retention of the appearance and create a safe environment for your staff and family, as improperly cleaned or not cleaned floors can contribute to slips and falls.

For regular maintenance cleaning, damp mopping is usually adequate. However periodic scrubbing, buffing, polishing and burnishing will help maintain the finish.

New floors should be stripped to remove factory or mill residues, and then sealed with a product compatible with the overall floor care system. Sealers on old or worn flooring reduce porosity and brittleness, improves finish, bonding, enhances colours and provides a smoother foundation for the finish.

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